Saturday, July 15, 2006



Looking for a spacious, clean, dog-friendly, 2 bedroom apartment in Northern Manhattan. Close to parks a plus.

The summer course is over.

Now the task at hand is finding a new home in New York. From one draining activitity to another. No rest for the wicked.

Sara and I are driving down tomorrow to start the search in ernest. If we are fortunate, two intense days will be all we need to find the perfect space for our new nest.

I have been looking for somewhere to park my tired mind for a few hours, but there seems to be little refuge. Most bloggers seem to have gone on hiatus, they are being slowed down by the summer heat, or they are off on some lovely vacation. The news is no longer a safe place to procrastinate. The fun of the World Cup is over, now all the images flooding the cyberwaves are of violence and fighting. Television is even worse - the same "news" and the pettiness of "reality" shows.

So I faced with either dealing with the upcoming tasks or curling up into a ball and sleeping (and the dogs do this so well that when I do it I feel inadecuate).

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