Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Despite my best efforts, I can't fully kick this stupid cold. It seems like I am just about done with it and then I get a surprise burst of snot or en extra visit by Mr. Sore Throat. It is terribly annoying. And now Sara is not feeling well...

Yesterday we went to the Boston Museum of Fine Arts to see an exhibit by Damien Hurst and the cars from the Ralph Lauren Collection. We took a peek at the collection from Oceania, Africa, and Latin America in between. Damien Hurst produces provocative work - some I like, some is somewhat disturbing. The cars were beautiful, but as Sara pointed out to me, European car makers were quite complicit in the establishment and maintainence of fascist regimes during the 20th century. Something which was not made quite evident in the exhibit.

Snow is coming...! Ah, weather in New England - you need to love it! Never a dull moment.

I finished my paper today and sent it off to the discussant. I am not all that happy with it, but I needed to get it done. It is funny how high expectations quickly get toned down as deadlines loom.

I spent the time after sending off my paper cleaning out the pantry here. It seems that we were incubating moths in there. I hate moths - they get into everything. I really hate dropping some pasta into boiling water only to find moth larvae float to the top. Yuck. I ended throwing a lot of food out. Anything that was questionable went out. After all the shelves were empty, I wiped them down with water and bleach. I hope that takes care of them. Maybe they will move to the closets and start feeding on our sweaters now.

It is good to see that our courts are still somewhat independent of politics. That will change - you just wait and see...

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