Monday, March 21, 2005

It was bound to happen. Considering the miles I have traversed, the number of people I have encountered, and the variety of pathogens I have come in contact with, it should be no surprise that I got sick. Luckily it is only a pesky cold. Two local eating establishments here have had workers with hepititis. Nonetheless, I have been bummed that my time with Sara has been hindered by this.

Right now I should be working on a paper that I need to present in a couple of weeks. It actually needs to go to the discussant soon so he can read it and comment on it. I am not feeling inspired at all, though. So here I am all ways possible.

This is better than the news, though. I can't believe this whole issue with that poor woman in Florida. It is very disconcerting seeing the Congress and the President of the United States interfering in an issue that concerns an individual. All just for political posturing. Sara and I just find it terribly ironic that the woman's name means slave in Italian. Her decision between life and death is being ignored for political bickering. Now that is true enslavement.

I know some of you are looking forward to some picture. To you I must apologize, but there are none. I have been too busy/sick to take any and to figure out how to upload them. Maybe later...

Ok, I should try to get some of this stupid paper written before people start getting on my case.

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