Sunday, March 06, 2005

Sunday Morning Posted by Hello

Exams wait to be graded. The paper I need to finish writing for a confernce next month sits patiently on my desk without saying a word. Lesson plans for next week need to be drawn up. Yet here I sit, listening to Los de Abajo not accomplishing much.

The weather outside is calling me to leave all this behind and take in some sun. It is hard to resist.

Despite all this I sit around lost in a dream of when I will be back in Boston with my soulmate.

Last night some of my students from last semester cooked dinner for me. It was a nice gesture on their part. Nice people. Although there is something strange that arises as a result of the age difference and a certain power dynamic. It really did not interfere with the meal, but it was there lingering in the background. At least I noticed it.

I should go and try to be productive.

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