Friday, May 19, 2006


Here I am in San Diego. Getting here was rather uneventful, which in this day is a very fortunate thing. The biggest inconvenience was my sinuses and ears complaining about the cabin pressure in the airplane towards the end of the trip. Of course there were three guys about four rows ahead of me who were getting pretty wasted. I think they were one drink away from creating some real trouble. Stupid frat boys.

Actually the trip itself was very productive: I finished all my grading and read a bunch of things I needed to get through. I purposefully did not buy any magazines or newspapers so that I would not procrastinate, but then I found myself sitting in the plane with nothing to do.

It has been nice seeing my mom and catching up. I also got to meet her "new" (she got him last summer) dog. He is a silly looking thing: he has a huge head and huge paws, but in between he has these stumpy little legs. Despite his looks, he is a nice and very friendly dog. I think I posted a picture of him way back when...

Observations over the past two days:
  • The roads are so much nicer and wider than in Massachusetts.
  • Drivers are better and more courteous.
  • People are in a better mood here than back east. I don't want to say that they are friendlier, because people in Boston are friendly, but in a different way.
  • Even though there is a governor's race in Massachusetts this year, the governor's race and politics in general here are much more visible. Not that it is a good thing. I have seen more nasty ads on television the two days I have been here than I have all year in Boston.
  • Holy cow, gas is really expensive here! But I guess it is cleaner.
  • I have a hard time adjusting to the three hour time difference. I keep waking up at 5 am.
  • Days are very long when you start them at 5 am.
  • I learned how to play Mexican Train Dominos. Silly game.
  • I wished I had packed the dogs and Sara into my suitcase.

Tomorrow evening I am meeting up with Oso to go to Nate's house for dinner. I met Oso last year and enjoyed our conversation, food, and beers (although he complained about the pedos afterward - and I am not sure whether he was talking about gas or our conversation or both).

Tonight I am off to dinner with my bestfriend from high school - the one whose step-daughter passed away last September from cancer. I am looking forward to seeing him.

Pictures to come later - probably when I get back to Boston.

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