Friday, May 05, 2006

Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo - Not Mexican Independence Day!

Contrary to popular belief, today is not a day to overindulge in Margaritas.

Or gorge oneself with nachos.

Any day of the year is good for that.

It is also not Mexican Independence Day (which is September 16).

And it is certainly not a celebration of Mayonaise!

The day actually commemorates a battle in the state of Puebla (just east of Mexico City), where the Mexicanos kicked some imperialist French butt.

It really isn't a big deal in Mexico except for the fact that it pairs up nicely with May 1 (Dia del Trabajo) which is also a holiday. So this year people in Mexico only had a three day work week!

Now that's a reason to celebrate!

Lesson for today is over. Go ahead, have your margaritas (I like mine shaken with ice or on the rocks - and with GOOD tequila please!) and nachos - I know you are going to do it anyway!

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