Wednesday, May 10, 2006


So yeah, I am sick. I lost the battle...


I was supposed to grade papers today, but I decided that my mind cannot focus and my mood is too cranky to give them the due attention and a fair grade. Could this be psycho-somatic procrastination? I have already mentioned that I don't like grading. But I don't think I dislike it to the point of having my mind make me sick (or lowering my immune system so as to letting me get sick). If it is psycho-somatic - I curse my psyche for making me feel like this.


Random though - there is a slight possibility, just a tiny one, that we may get our first woman President in the US. And no, I am not talking about Hillary. Say, for argument's sake, that Congress goes back to being Democratic in November and that the Democratic leadership in the house does not change. Then assume that Bush's shennanigans are investigated and it is revealed that he really did break laws. There might be a move to impeach, not only Bush, but his vice-buddy as well (as he is probably knee deep in it as well). Impeachment goes through, Senate convicts both. Now what? Who is next in line? Speaker of the House. Who would that be? Nancy Pelosi (current minority leader who would become Speaker when the House turned Democratic).

I don't particularly like Nancy Pelosi - she engages too much in politico-doublespeak for my tastes. But it would be cool to see that play out. I think it is time we get past the political glass ceiling that exists in this country. While I think it is still an uphill battle for it to happen at the polls, if it happened through procedure maybe people would realize that a woman President is just as bad as a male one. That would open doors for all other women.

It's not going to happen, but it was just something I was thinking about.



Oh, I have not mentioned that I am heading out to California next week. I'll be in San Diego from the 17th through the 23rd. Then it is back to teaching summer school on the 24th. It will be nice to see my mom - I haven't seen her in over a year. And even then it was a quick-passing-through visit.

Gotta love frequent-flyer miles. It will probably cost me more to get to the airport on public transportation here than it will to fly across the country.

I know, I know...I actually paid for that trip when I bought my other tickets. Nothing is really free. Not even our minds...

Whoa, where did that come from. Stupid cold-megavitamin overload-excess tea-ultra hydration-haze! It keeps me in a fog all day and has my mind spout out banal philosophical statements.

I am going to quit my rambling because probably no one is paying attention at this point - not even me.

[Sneeze] Good thing I bought more tissues today...

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