Friday, May 26, 2006


Summer is here.

I don't care what the calendar says, today we had our first day of summer. The air was warm and thick; you could actually see the humidity. Rain cooled the air this evening, but it is still very moist. Temparatures are supposed to go up and up next week. It may be time to put the a/c into the windows.

Haitian food is good.

Sara and I went to a place that billed itself as Caribbean food. I was expecting Jamaican, but the menu in French and the music suggested otherwise. I assumed it was Haitian, but I asked to make sure - there are other Francophone islands in the Caribbean. I think it was the first time I had Haitian food. Sara got fish creole and she got a whole fish! I always find it strange to have food that seems to be watching you eat it. I felt compelled to thank it for allowing us to consume it. It was very good, very nicely spiced. I got some chicken which was also very tasty. No head on the chicken, though. It's probably for the best.

Writing syllabi is time consuming.

I had to write a syllabus for an Introduction to International Studies course for a job I applied for in New York. In a previous life, I got an MA in International Relations, so it was not something way out in left field for me. I did have to dust the ol' archives in my head, though. It took me a good part of yesterday and today to put it together, but I think it is done. Wish me luck.

Oso keeps hinting.

I have never explained why I go by the name Xolo(itzquintle) and use the name for this space and Oso is dying to know. I have promised to explain several times since I first started writing here almost three (!) years ago, but I have never followed through. Sorry, Oso, it is not going to happen today. It may soon. Stay tuned...

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