Monday, July 11, 2005

Canine Saga
Keeping the peace is hard work.

Zeus is unsure about the presence of another dog in the apartment. He is especially protective of the living room.

Zephyr is slowly coming out of her shell, but it is hard when there is an intimidating dog looming.

The dogs do fine in the bedroom where Zephyr spends her time in her kennel and Zeus is either on our bed or in his bed. They walk extremely well together, pointing out to each other the best places to sniff.

It is going to take some time and we need to be patient. There is a lot of learning going on. Zephyr did not even know how to walk up/down stairs. She is almost a pro now.

Tomorrow we go to the vet for a checkup for Zephyr. Zeus will hold down the fort.

I need to get back to my life and the numerous things that I need to get done. But dogs are an extremely useful form of procrastination, especially when there are two of them.

Coming up - pictures from the cross-country trip. I haven't forgotten.

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