Friday, July 29, 2005

The detox regimen is on hold for now.

I ordered some protein shake powder online - I was unable to find the right kind at Whole Foods - and it is coming via UPS ground from Ukiah, CA. It is not scheduled to arrive until August 4. The shakes are an important part of the regimen's diet, so I will just have to wait.

As to why I am doing this. My body just feels out of balance and I think it would be a good first step towards gaining physical harmony. There has been a lot of stress in my life over the past two years, so I would not be surprised that there are a lot of toxins built up in my system. I generally eat well (healthy) when I at home - albeit probably a little too much. I do eat out and that can be unhealthy at times. Also my diet was not good during the cross-country trip - it is nearly impossible to do.

More details on the regimen coming up.

On the news last night...
In a Little League game here in Massachusetts an umpire threatened to toss out an assistant coach and a player for speaking in Spanish. He said players could only speak in English. The two Spanish speakers are from the Dominican Republic. How sad...

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