Saturday, July 09, 2005

Everyone, please meet the new addition to our family:

Zephyr Posted by Picasa

And this is the old addition of our family:

Zeus Posted by Picasa

It has been a stressful day for all involved, but I do think things will work out nicely. Zephyr is a little freaked and exhausted. Zeus is a little unsure about the new situation. Sara is generally stressed. But all are doing well.

As far as the name goes, I thought of Zephyr after the name post. We were down to Metzli and Zephyr until we were at Petco getting her tag made. We went with Zephyr because it keeps in the Greek diety motif going and the alliteration of the names. Ok, truth be told, we flipped a coin, but we were leaning towards Zephyr anyway.

We found out today, however, that her racing name was Spellbound (what they told us at the adpotion agency) or Kerryhills Spell (what we found on her online pedigree chart). We still like Zephyr the best and it doesn't really matter because she doesn't respond to any of her names.

I am sure there will be more tales to tell about the adventures of Zeus, Zephyr, Sara, and Xolo...stay tuned!

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