Monday, July 18, 2005

You know you are in for a bad day when...

You are awoken by the sound of a dog vomiting at 5:10 am.

Indeed, things did not seem to work well today. First of all, I could not get back to sleep after the puking incident. So I watched the day arrive from our living room with the dogs sleeping next to me. Then when I went to clean up the dog's bed, I managed to get vomit all over me. Hmmff...

It is also so incredibly humid. Thank goodness for air conditioners. We have two window units at opposite ends of the apartment. The keep the air in here livable. The bathroom is not privy to the luxury of a/c though. It has become our own little steam room. You go in for a good sweat, have a cold shower and then return to the comfort of the apartment. The orchid in there is loving life.

Back to the humidity. Those of you who have heard me whine about this know that I just wilt in humidity. It is hard to function. Nonetheless, I decided I would put on a brave face and go to the RMV (DMV for those of you not from Massachusetts) to change my registration and license. I know that DMV's are not that fun in most places, so I was ready for a bureaucratic morning.

I decided to do the registration first. Massachusetts has some convoluted way of doing registration that requires you to get some form from your insurance. The you bring in the form with the title and some other form to register your car. Problem is that Washington state has an electronic titling system, so I don't have a paper title to give them. After some consultation, they said I could do it but I needed a different form which needed Sara's signature. So it will have to wait until tomorrow.

Ok, I thought, I can do the license and come back for the registration tomorrow. I took another number and waited to do my license. That did not work out either. You need FOUR forms of ID to get a license and I only had three. Stupid Patriot Act! I had a passport - a document which allows you entry into the country AND my old driver's license. Why is that not good enough? Ugh. So tomorrow I head back with my marriage certificate to prove who I am.

Things got better, though.
  • The dogs stayed alone together (before I would put Zephyr in her kennel if we were going out) without incident. Actually, it seems to have been a bonding experience for them because they do seem to be getting along better now.
  • I also found out that my friends in Merida made it through Emily safely. I was worried about them.
  • I got some affection from Sara this afternoon and we took a nice nap together.
  • We had some very good ice-cream for dessert.
In other news, we went to see Charlie and Chocolate Factory yesterday. It was very bizarre, but I liked it. It was very well done. I never saw the first version of it and I never read the book, so it was all new to me.

In the film there are references to other films. There is a particularly strong reference to Kubrick's 2001 in one scene - I think it is some kind of tribute by Tim Burton. It was eerie for Sara and me because we had just watched 2001 the night before. How fortuitous is that?

That's all for now. Maybe I will go have one more scoop of that ice-cream.

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