Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Today's Achievements
  • Avoided all sorts of information overload on the Supreme Court nominee.
  • Got my driver's license transferred.
  • Got my license plates for my car - I got Red Sox plates (the extra proceeds go to Cancer research - something that is important to me because my mother is a cancer survivor and my best friend from high school's daughter is still engages in a nasty fight against it).
  • Got the car inspected (it passed).
  • Put up a sign asking people to keep our gate closed - greyhounds are hard to catch once they get loose (picture to come).
  • Seem to have both dogs healthy.
  • Found a fantastic way to procrastinate (thanks goes to a new discovery) - while this is very cool, it also seems very creepy.
  • Bought more pita which is so good at the Lebanese/Syrian bakery nearby.
  • Had more ice cream - what day isn't improved by a bowl of ice cream?
  • Cleared up (sort of) some insurance/hospital billing issues - getting sick is a long term pain.
As you can see, today was rather productive - in a way.

Random observation of the day: our "mafia" neighbor has a guy who comes and drives his cab. They guy always parks his old and faded red Ford Escort in front of our house (maybe I will post a picture of this too) when he is out driving the cab. I noticed today that he puts a "club" on the steering wheel when he parks it. This is funny because no one in their right mind would steal this car. Ah, paranoia...

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