Saturday, June 24, 2006

Boring Xolo

Boring Xolo
  • You know how Greenland is not really green? Well Sara is not really boring. I, however, am boring.
  • It has been very damp around here. Lot of rain and very humid air. Fortunately it has not been too hot. Still I move and I am suddenly very sticky and ambushed by perspiration.
  • Sara is leaving for NM to be there for her father's surgery. I wish I go with her. She will definitely need some TLC. She'll get it when she gets back.
  • At least it won't be raining in NM, though.
  • Back to teaching on Monday. I don't mind teaching again. The fact that the class is in Providence (about 45 miles from here) is what I do mind. Moreover it meets every day from 10 to noon, and two or three days a week from 1 to 3. The course is three weeks long. I will probably drive on the days I need to be there in the afternoons and take the train on the other days.
  • The canker sore is slowly de-swelling (I can't think of how to say that with words that exist), in case you were curious. I have managed not to bite my lip today.
  • I watched the Mexico game today (Sara made me). It was much closer than I (and almost everyone else, including the Argentinians) thought it would be. Mexico played an amazing game - I am both proud and disappointed.
  • I need to figure out who to cheer for now that both Mexico and the US are out.
  • I will probably cheer for Argentina against Germany when they play each other in the next round. Funny - in the 1986 final I cheered for Germany when they played Argentina. Things change. I have changed.
  • I will also probably cheer for teams that have never won it before. Spread the joy around.
  • There are so many of you out there going through difficult times, specific crisises, etc. My thoughts are with you all.
  • Few of you gave me your recommendations for restaurants. I am still waiting. What are the hidden gems that should be recognized and visited?

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