Friday, June 16, 2006


Friday Randomness

I have been feeling rather lazy.

For dinner I did make some crab enchiladas. I did not have a recipe - just played it by ear. They turned out fairly well. I used a tomatillo sauce with several different peppers in it.

I had leftover crab filling, so I added some breadcrumbs, lime, chiles, diced cellery, and egg to make some "Baja-style" crab cakes. We will have those for lunch tomorrow, I guess. The enchiladas were enough for one meal.

I also put in the a/c units into the windows. It is supposed to get rather warm and sticky here this weekend. I usually wait until it gets to that point to install them and I end up in a pool of sweat while trying to do the task. Not this year. Hehe.

We bought some little basil plants a while back and they have been patiently waiting to be trasplanted into a real planter. Today I actually transfered them over. "It's about time!" they cried.

No, I usually do not talk to plants or trees or other forms of vegetation. The dogs is another matter. Zeus looks at me as though he really can follow my words. Zephyr stares at me as though I am nuts for trying to talk to a dog. Of course, she always has that look.

As I mentioned before, our landlords/upstairs neighbors split up. This means that they have to put the two unit house we live in for sale. The sign went up today. Sara and I find this very stressful. We are going to have to deal with realtors and others trodding through the place.

Mexico played an awful game today. Kudos to Angola for their spirit.

That was a bit of my exciting life...hope you enjoyed.

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