Tuesday, June 27, 2006


If You Often Cheer for the Underdog...

...you will frequently be disappointed.

That is the lesson for today.

It is evident from the World Cup results. Ghana? Gone. Ecuador? Out. Australia? Hoodwinked (by whom you may ask...our aforementioned Italian friends and some help from the refree).

It also seems like that is the case everywhere else.

Just as I seem to start to get things in order, something else pops up to complicate things.

Today, the remaining half of our landlords (the woman) knocks on our door. As I mentioned in the past, the house we live in (a two unit building) is up for sale and we have been dreading the visits by realtors and prospective buyers. We were comforted by the fact that the real estate market is slow, the asking price was high, and the timetable for our departure all worked in our favor.

Today's news changed that. It turns out that there is a change in plan. The realtor talked our landlord into turning our part of the house into a condo. This is bad news for us because:
  1. The condo market is much better
  2. The asking price will be very reasonable
  3. Now there will be more people trudging through our apartment
Moreover our place is a mess. We are not the neatest people, we have too much stuff (including many, many books), and we are in the first stages of packing to move. This is not a good time to be having people walk through. Our landlord was hinting that maybe we could put some of our stuff into storage to make the place more presentable. Zeus also poses a problem because he is not fond of unknown visitors either.

All this right when I started having to work everyday at a place that has about an hour commute each way and evenings of prep time. In addition Sara is gone (which in someways is better because she already has enough to worry about right now).

So I am tired, stressed, a wee-bit overwhelmed, cranky, and I still have to finish my lesson plans for tomorrow. And it is still much too humid!

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