Monday, June 12, 2006

Tid Bits

Tid Bits
  • I accepted the job offer I received last week today.
  • The US started off their World Cup in the worst possible manner - there was both bad play and bad luck.
  • It is good to see the sun again. It has rained so much over the past month and half here.
  • I got the part I needed for the Daewoo, had it installed, and it passed inspection. The cost of the brake pads? $45 each! Far less than the scam artists at North Smithfield Nissan in Rhode Island - they wanted $225 each!
  • Sara has an obsession with yarn and wool - it has been a healthy way of coping with the stress of the past weeks, though. And she got to go to a sheep farm in Vermont last Saturday.
  • I feel bad for our upstairs neighbors. Divorce sucks. And their two dogs are going to get split up.
  • I am not looking forward to moving. Moving sucks.
  • But I have a job, yay!

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