Monday, June 26, 2006

It is so damn humid here! Everything is damp and soggy. I printed out my lecture notes for tomorrow and even the paper feels soggy.

Class went ok today. First days are always tricky because students are not really in a learning mindframe and I don't have sense of what the students are like.

It is harder when the weather is like it is. I can see my students wilting as the day progresses.
It doesn't help that it is a long class and that the climate control in the classroom leaves a lot to be desired. It either works TOO well and the students are freezing (and they can't hear me) or it makes things terribly stuffy.

Sara left today and got stuck for a couple of hours at the Baltimore airport. She should be getting into Albuquerque as we speak. Well, we are not really speaking, are we? So maybe I should write that she should be arriving right about the same time as I type these words.

Things are quiet around here without her. Well, sort of. The dogs need extra attention whenever one of us goes out of town. Moreover they are not used to being home all day on their own. Needless to say getting my lecture planned out for tomorrow was bit more challenging with many-a-canine distraction around.

Yes, I am tired and a little more loopy that usual. So be it...

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