Sunday, August 21, 2005

Detox - Day 1 (Part II)

I am STARVING! Ok, not starving, but really hungry. We had salmon, brown rice, green beans, and carrot juice for dinner. So it was more like a regular meal, but somehow still not satisfying.

Hardest part of this:
1. No sugar. Yes, I have a sweet tooth and I am feeling it now.
1. b) Right behind no sugar - no peppers/spiciness. Dinner would have been improved ten fold if I could have put some hot peppers, chile sauce, or salsa on my food.

We managed to get out of the house. Sara wanted to go to a fabric store and I had no better suggestion, so that's where we went. While Sara looked at yarn and beads, I spaced out sitting at a table with pattern catalogues, occasionally being startled back into consciousness by some screaming child or some loud woman. After this draining excursion, I came home and took a long nap. Naps are good. Everyone should still have nap time.

The dogs got walked right before dinner. I honestly don't remember much of it other than we saw a cat with what appeared to be a field mouse or wood rat in its mouth. Of course Mr. Cat Hunter became the hunted as both dogs made an attempt to make it the victim. Mr. Cat Hunter can thank the leashes for its longevity.

I hope tomorrow is easier than today. I will try being a little more creative with the menu, but the options are quite limited. This detox really better work...

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