Monday, August 29, 2005


My energy reserves are running low.

As you probably have guessed, detox is over. We celebrated by getting a pizza - I got a simple margherita (fresh mozarella, tomato, and basil).

I have enjoyed having bread again. And chocolate. And dairy.

Do I feel any different? No. I certainly don't feel "cleansed". It was good to do, nonetheless. I find it helpful to take some time to re-evaluate everything I am putting in my body and why.

The end of the summer is here and thus begins the period of running around for us academics. The bliss of denial is no longer with us (that is, the "oh, I still have all summer to get that done" attitude).

I was invited to give a paper at a conference in Washington DC at the end of September. It will be a good conference to go to. I will be able to network a little - a good thing since I am on the job market- and I will be able to meet with some publishers to see what kind of interest there is in my dissertation. Still, that means I have to put together a presentation for the conference - more work.

Tomorrow I head down to Providence to meet with my old graduate advisor. This man is the type of person that writes a book (a good one at that) a year. Although I know that he is an academic super-human, it still makes me feel inadequate when I meet with him. I feel like I should be more productive in my academic career and that this career is going to stall for lack of such productiveness. Nonetheless, he has been kind and helpful to me, and it is in my best interests to keep in touch with him.

On top of this - Zephyr seems to have injured herself. She yelps anytime she brings her head up when she is lying on her side. I had hoped she would get better with some time. After a couple of days of no improvement, I took her to the vet. As I suspected it is a pulled muscle in her neck. She got some steroids to help it heal quicker - good thing she is not racing anymore, she would have been accused of doping. Not good in these days when baseball is under scrutiny and Lance Armstrong is out defending his honor.

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