Wednesday, August 17, 2005

The interview was draining. I don't like interviews and I particularly don't like them in the summer when it is hot. I decided against dressing up - I wore a guayabera instead.

I think the interview itself went well and I think they were desperate to get someone to teach this class in the fall. However, the course is scheduled for the exact same time as the course I am already teaching. I asked about changing the time the course meets, but apparently the students at this very technical school (MIT), schedule their courses years in advance. So changing it would throw things off.

I asked the chair at the other university whether that course could be changed, but alas it cannot. So I will miss out on the opportunity to teach what seemed to be a fun class, to get some good experience, and to earn some extra $$$. It's all rather disappointing.

In my other activity, namely finishing off the syllabus for the course I am teaching, I am struggling in getting the reading load to something which the students can handle. I am having to cut out some fun, but lengthy, readings in favor of the more substantial ones. I also need to decide which films I am going to use. It is a tough task - everything needs to fit in neatly.

Sara is slogging through her last week of epidemiology and biostatistics. Despite the strain on her stamina and mental clarity these courses have placed on her, she has been wonderfully supportive. I will be happy when she is done with the classes and she is once again a little more lucid, though. I myself need to find some clarity too. I, however, have no excuse for my spaciness. Just the way I am, I guess...

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