Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Detox - Day 3

Weight: 233
BF: 27

I am back among the living. Although I must admit we cheated a bit. I would not say we fell off the wagon, but we dangled off the side a bit.

Last night I could not stand my headache anymore so I took some asprin. It helped, a little - enough to get me to sleep. Sara had a more difficult time: read her account if you are interested. This morning we decided that we would bend the rules some more. Here is how:
  • We can have a little coffee in the morning (I had half a cup, Sara one).
  • Hot peppers are now allowed.
  • So are nuts.
  • Sara is dropping the weird supplements.
  • We might re-introduce other foods as the week progresses - although we are going to stay away from sugar, wheat, corn, dairy, and meat (I know fish is a meat, but you know what I mean).
I think these are sensible amendments. We are detoxing, not torturing ourselves.

As to how I feel, the fog has lifted. My stamina is still a little low. I have gone from craving sugar to craving fresh baked bread. Ice cream and chocolate are also sorely missed (but that is to be expected in any normal human). Yes, I do realize that those are sugar bearing foods, but I think I would have them even without the sugar.

The thing that has surprised me the most so far is that I had expected to spend much more time in the bathroom. That hasn't been the case. Actually my visits have been more numerous, but that is to take care the other business - a result from the increased intake of liquids.

Tomorrow we are both aiming to take on a work routine. I need to go into the department and Sara is going into her office. Hopefully all will go well.

In other news (I know the world doesn't stop just because I am detoxing):
  • I have my first ever accupuncture appointment tomorrow - the whys and hows are for a story to be told at a different time.
  • My best friend from college is having his first baby (yes, it is his wife that is having the baby, but again, you know what I mean).
  • My mother got another dog (her second). I will post a picture of it here soon. It is an odd looking dog. It has a huge head on a medium-sized body and he has stumpy legs. My guess it that it is a mix between a German Shepherd and a Corgi. I will let that image ruminate through your head before I post the picture.
One again thank you all for your comments, suggestions, and words of encouragement.

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