Monday, August 08, 2005

On the Agenda:
  1. I sent my defense into the Town of Brookline today. It is nice that you can do it via mail. Thank you all for your comments. I did edit my letter and I drew a diagram to better illustrate my position.
  2. I spent about half an hour on the phone today with my old phone company trying to get them to stop charging me a trivial amount of money. I cancelled my service in Washington on June 6. In the process they failed to cancel some long distance service charge that is $0.99 ($1.21 after all the taxes/service charges)/month. Things like this are just so irritating!
  3. I can't wait until fall. I am sick of the hot and humid weather!
  4. However, I am running out of time to complete all the things that were scheduled to "get done over the summer"... [gasp]
  5. I am reading Always Running by Luis Rodriguez. It is an amazing story, gripping and chilling. I am defintely using this book in my course.
  6. On the menu for tonight: pesto genovese with basil from our porch. Yum! Off to make it...

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