Thursday, August 25, 2005

Detox - Day 5

Detox - Day 5

Weight: 233
BF: 28%

I am looking forward to the end of this. Feeling better today, but no better than I did before I started this thing.

I really miss having choices.

Today I went in to the department where I am going to work. A friend of Sara's got hired there for a full-time tenure track position. I ran into her while I was there and had a nice chat. We decided to go to the student center cafeteria for lunch. My choices were severely limited. At first I thought I could get a veggie wrap, but, wait, I can't have wheat. Soups were all meat based. Things were looking grim, but fortunately there was a salad bar with a few options. They also had bottled carrot juice and they had apples. So I was able to put a meal together.

I had heard that there is a store I like, Wild Oats, near where I will be teaching. I went by to see exactly where it is and check it out. It is close and it will be convenient to pick up things on my way home from work (if I drive). I bought a few things while I was there, but it was hard not buying a lot of things I am not supposed to eat.

Tomorrow will be the last day of this. I know it supposed to be seven days, but I think I have had enough. I will continue to eat in moderate amounts and I will slowly reintroduce foods. I think I will continue to take some of the supplements (since we have them, we might as well use them).


Accupuncture update.

Yesterday evening one of the places where I had a needle got swollen and hurt for a couple of hours. It was quite strange. I did feel slightly euphoric as I went to bed and I did sleep well. I haven't noticed any major changes today. Again, it is hard to tell what corresponds to what since I am subjecting my body to numerous things right now.

I am more intregued and curious to see how the process progresses.

I'm hungry. Off to find some fruit.

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