Thursday, August 18, 2005

Thank you all for the kind comments and words of encouragement.

For those of you who would like a Guayabera - Merida is the place to get them. Make sure that they are made out of cotton or linen, though. One of mine is really nice, but it is part polyester and it is really warm - not good for the weather they were intended to be worn in.

While they were traditionally for men, women look good in them too. Sara has one and although she has not worn it recently, she looks good in it.

The syllabus is done for now. Thankfully. I might tweak it a bit here and there, but I have the semester schedule laid out and the readings picked out. I now need to copy all the bits and pieces of books I am using to make the reader for the course. That is yet another tedious activity. I will be going into the department to do that tomorrow.

Going into the department is not that easy - it is about a 40 minute drive (at least an hour during rush hour). It is not that it is that far - probably about seven or eight miles. It is just the way Boston is laid out, there isn't an easy way to get there. Public transportation is not that useful either, although that may be an option once the semester starts (tomorrow I will be lugging many books with me, so the car it is). At least I can read or do something on my way there and back. If anyone wants to get me an iPod, I could also listen to recorded books - didn't think so.

I guess that is the price to pay after my "commute" last year, which was about 300 yards. Of course, my commute to my sweetie was about 3,000 miles. Not good.

Time to clear my head before I go to bed.

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