Sunday, August 28, 2005


Poor New Orleans

Things don't look good for the Big Easy. I am glad we had a chance to visit before it becomes the Venice of America.

  • After this I don't think they are going to sell Katrina and the Waves at any of the music stores down there. It will either bring back bad memories of destruction or the susto they got.
  • Maybe people in Lousiana will start believing in Global Warming and elect people that might do something about it (it doesn't seem to have happened in Florida and Alabama).
  • Now I bet the people down there wished they had not destroyed as much of the wetlands as they have (wetlands function as a protective barrier against storm surges).
  • Perhaps some of the Cajuns will move back up to Maine and the Canadian Maritimes (where they once came from and were formally known as Acadians). I sure would like that - I like their culture and their food. It would be nice to have it closer by.
I do hope for the best, which at this time just means that the storm center will track to the east of the city. This would mean that the winds would come off the land, pushing the storm surge away from the coast.

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